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Our Mission


The mission of this site is to spread in the new Europe the knowledge and the technicques for the reconstruction and the preservation, to a functional level, of one of the most important (noble?) organs of our body; the hand. With its wide range of movements it enables us to carry out one of our most basic daily acts: the act of grasping (prehension). It also enhances our verbal communication and it plays a vital role, through touch, in the process of familiarization of our immediate surrounding. The site aims at creating a meeting point for all specialists who are engaged in the treatment and cure of the most frequent and common pathologies and traumatisms that concern the hand and the upper limb (the arm).

The Scientific Promoting Committee, and the Honorary Scientific Committee, will be responsible for setting the guidelines for the scientific organization and management of the site.
The members of The Scientific Promoting Committee are specialists, with proven experience in the domain of hand surgery, orthopedic, and traumatology and the majority operate in the Istituti Clinici di Perfezionamento of Milano.
The Members of the Honorary Scientific Committee are both National and European experts.

Patients will be able to ask (Demands) of the specialists and the Scientific Committee will monitor this dialogue. The specialists will have a reserved area in the site Patients Information, in which to find information relevant to the upper limb.

The News will report facts of interest which will be used to provide a constant update as well as new initiatives concerning the site.

We would like to propose a meeting point available to specialists and reserchers where Publications works and professional experience can be presented after the Committee’s approval.
To complete our proposal we we wish to reserve space for Ours Partners to share their experience with us and for those Professionals who would like to highlight their expertise or simply introduce themselves to patients or other interested organizations.

Anyone wishing to cooperate with us or simply get in touch with us can do so using the Contact us form.

Firms too are welcome to contribute to updating the profession by presenting new products and their use in the field.

Of considerable importance is the Training sector, therefore we will propose conferences and encounters that will be considered useful for professional growth.

In the Staff section there will be a comprehensive list of those professional members of Committees who are contributing to the the site which is aimed at becoming a reference point for excellence in the sector.