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Each year in Italy the number of people getting serious accidents among the domestic tacks is elevated, but it is however true that as much elevated is the number of home accidents in charge of children, accidents which are almost exclusively caused by the carelessness of adults. In particular one of the most frequent accidents that strikes children among the domestic tacks, often due to episodes of carelessness of adults, is represented by burns. In two cases on three, the children burn is due to liquid heats as the heated baby bottle, the cups of too warm milk, the hot water in the bath tub, pots with hot water, |etc|. Burned children are victims of carelessness of parents, and quality of their life can be seriously compromised by the gravity of these accidents. In one case of three burns get aesthetical, psychic and motor consequences. With some little attention these accidents can drastically be reduced if not avoided at all. Among the most important cautions to adopt remember that is very important:
• To keep the handles of the pots, while they are heating on the stoves, turned toward the walls, in order to make children could not take them.
• To take under observation the children during breakfast. To check that temperature of heating liquids in micro-waves oven| be not too high.
• To check always the temperature of the bath water. It’s better to begin with cold water heating progressively.
• Never leave unguarded containers filled with hot water.Never leave unguarded containers filled with hot water.
• Never turn on the barbecue with gasoline or alcohol or other strongly inflammable substances.
• To put out of from hand of children lighters and matches.
• To remember to cover sockets and plugs.
• If using electric stoves remember plates remain incandescent for a long time after they have been put out.
• To avoid leaving unguarded children in the kitchen.
• Don’t let the children play with dangerous domestic electrical equipments, knives or sharp devices in general, burning or caustic chemicals.
• Have a wiring to standard. When| an adult or a child gets lesions at the hands, first aid therapeutics can be given even by not specialized personnel. Remind some precautions to take in emergency in presence of one of the following lesions:
In presence of a cut wound at the hand it is opportune to clean carefully the zone of damaged skin with a disinfectant and then apply a medication of moderately compressive type.
   In case of a burn it is necessary to provoke a cooling of the traumatized part and it is possible to do it putting the hand under cold current water during 10/15 minutes.
  If injury has been so violent to get an amputation of a part of the hand or of a finger, it is absolutely necessary to pick up the amputated fragment, put it in a possibly sterile gauze, and then put it in a container of plastics, in which also will be put a closed pouch containing some ice. The hand will be then disinfected and cured with a compressive medication, and then it will be brought with urgency to the next first aid, having care to hold hand and arms up.
  On the contrary In case when the amputation is not complete, it’s necessary to have care to position the hand and the |subamputated| segment on a rigid surface and perform a moderately compressive medication .Over it, it is be necessary to put a closed pouch containing ice. At last remember that in all these cases cotton, tourniquet, |mercuro| chrome, alcohol, tobacco and coffee are absolutely to avoid.